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What Makes our Name So Great??

Our Founder and CEO Kerry Greaves ,has been in the furniture Restoration business for over 18yrs. He has worked with and alongside some of America's top retailers and Manufacturers. 

Mr . Greaves is a sharp, seasoned and certified Master furniture surgeon. He has worked with hundreds of elite designers,architects,Insurance companies,moving companies ,entertainment industry,athletes and so many more renowned professionals across the country.

With his vast array of experience and Talent you are almost guaranteed to find his imprint in the Furniture industry, inalmost every city in America.

Under his leadership, The Greaves Group is now able to stand boldly among the top furniture restoration companies in the country.

We are Propelled by an exceptional team of Furniture technicians , General Contractors, Project Managers, Skilled Tradesmen and Women that adheres to The Greaves Group Core values .

  • Elite customer service

  • Client Commitment & Retainage

  • Collaborative process

  • Innovative Design Processes

  • Flexible Project scheduling

  • Diverse culture and work environment 

  • Tailored budgets for New and Potential Clients


"Kerry is an all around great professional (high quality work) and, in the little time I and my family got to know him, it’s easy to tell that he’s an even better person. Not only would we highly recommend him, we will be calling on him again for future projects."

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